Hot Beverage Vending Machines

MiniFresh ProfessionalVitaleZen Table TopCoffeemar Bluetec

MiniFresh Professional Coffee Machine

Latest technology and a cutting-edge design

The MiniFresh range of professional coffee machines for at work environs is remarkable for its extraordinary design and robust reliability.

But the series really stands out for applying the latest boiler technology for making hot beverages, such as nescafy coffee and authentic tea brewed from tea leaves.

And it is also important to mention its functionality, as it incorporates important innovations that assist the management, maintenance and cleaning of the machine, helping to increase the productivity of your business.

Vitale S Instant Hot Beverage Machine

The Vitale machine with its contemporary design and compact nature is suitable for the small office environment. This compact counter top model with 4 easy to fill canisters and a 4L removable water tank offers instant coffee, hot chocolate and a hot water option.

Product Specifications

Cups N/A
Direct selections 7
Boiler Volume 320ML
Removable water tank 4 Litres
Canisters 4
Instant Coffee Canister 0.4KG
Milk Powder Canister 0.6KG
Hot Chocolate Canister 0.8KG
Decaf Canister 0.8KG
Height 590MM
Width 305MM
Depth 4100MM
Weight 19.2KG
Voltage 230V
Power 1.200W

ZEN – Table Top Hot Beverage Vendor

Small, attractive and surprisingly autonomous

Zen may be small but it is incredibly productive for operators and attractive to consumers. This range was designed to assist vending service operations, providing maximum autonomy of service with great reliability and durability, reducing management costs. To consumers, it is a miniature café where they can enjoy an authentic espresso, just how they like it, in a matter of seconds.


Product Specifications

Selections 8
Pre-selections 4
Height 740MM
Width 480MM
Depth 590MM
Weight 60KG


Coffeemar Bluetec

Coffeemar Bluetec, the model of super automatic vending machines designed for hot drinks, characterized by its new system of product selection on touch-screen, cutting-edge technologies and modern external design, finished with glass and stainless steel.

Product Specifications

Cups Two different cup-dispensing models depending on cup diameter: 65 to 67mm. and 67 to 69mm.
Selections 22 selection buttons, 18 direct selections and 4 pre-selections.
Boiler Volume 370ML
Water self-feeding kit One or two 25-litre tanks
Canisters 4 canisters for instant products, a canister for sugar and a canister for coffee beans.
Coffee Beans 2.300 gr
Powdered Milk 1.700 gr
Hot Chocolate 1.350 gr
Sugar 2.100 gr
Instant Coffee 700 gr
Tea and herbal Drinks 1000 gr
Height 1500MM
Width 500MM
Depth 575MM
Weight 100 KG
Voltage 230V
Power 1.100W