Machine Warranties

Please make note of the installation and warranty requirements for your purchase. Proper installation by qualified personnel is a pre-requisite for the optimum running of your machine. Full installation instructions are included in the operation manual supplied inside the machine. We also offer full installation and commissioning service for an extra fee.

Warranty within South Africa:

Available in all major cities: I.E. Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth.  Customers situated in outlying areas need to take their machine to the local repair agents in the major cities in order for warranty work to proceed. Please contact our offices for details of service agents near you or in another centre. NB – incorrect installation is not covered under warranty and will be chargeable.

Your machine is covered for 12 months from date of installation for replacement of faulty parts and workmanship.

(All transport and traveling costs are for the customer’s account.)

Warranty outside South Africa:

For exported machines, the warranty is limited to 12 months covering replacement of faulty parts only. We will request that the faulty part be returned to South Africa and upon receipt we will dispatch the replacement.

Transport costs for the replacement parts are not covered under the warranty, however if the machine is returned to our workshops labour will be supplied free of charge. Traveling and transport costs are not covered under warranty.


Please remember the machine has moving parts and regular servicing of the equipment at least annually is highly recommended.

Servicing is not covered by warranty. Should your machine be dirty and in need of servicing the technician will advise you. Failure to service regularly may affect the validity of your warranty.

Servicing (continued)

Warranty excludes defects due to external reasons for example:

1. Exposure to chemicals, chemical vapours or any other agents.
2. Electrical supply power failure or incorrect wiring or power surges.
3. Water supply failure or plumbing problems for any reason.
4. External drain line malfunctions.

5. Failure to clean and maintain as set forth in the products manual.
6. Installation not in accordance with the products manual.

Water filters

We highly recommend purchasing water filters to fit on the incoming water line. The reduction of scale deposits in the water system will reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your machine.

Voltage protectors

We highly recommend purchasing voltage protectors. The fluctuation of voltage does not fall in the scope of our warranty.